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Escaping the Valley Heat in Big Bear

Big Bear Lake is a place we've visited on numerous occasions having owned a cabin in nearby Lake Arrowhead for many years, but we've never really visited the area in the summer. Finding ourselves suffering in the stifling Inland Empire heat, we decided to see if we could take a short drive up the hill to find some relief.

Our initial plan was to hit the lake on our inflatable paddle boards; however, one of them sprung a leak! On to plan B with no specific agenda, we decided to see where the day would take us.

For those of you unfamiliar with the drive to Big Bear, it's a beautiful winding road with numerous switchbacks. If you are prone to motion sickness, take your time, there's no hurry and there are plenty of turnouts and passing lanes for those in a rush.

Having no set schedule, afforded us the opportunity to discover some of the many recreational options Big Bear and the surrounding areas have to offer.

Along the way, we found a small herd of Jeeps staged for some off-road adventure. We knew they would be headed somewhere fun, so we decided to tuck in behind them.

We kicked up a cloud of dust and followed them for a couple miles until we found a hiking trailhead that peaked our interest.

We hiked out for a little over a mile enjoying the views along the way. The temperature was perfect. The pines provided plenty of shade and the cool mountain breeze was a welcoming relief from the valley's heat below. Amongst the many rock formations, we stumbled upon this beauty! What does this look like to you?


After arriving back at our beloved Tacoma, we headed back up the trail to see what else sparked our interest. We found a remote campsite that we utilized as a rest area to enjoy some delicious sandwiches and take in our beautiful surroundings.

"sandwiches are the best!" - Randall


Wrap Up

This excursion offered us a quick escape and was a great alternative to sitting on the couch binge watching Netflix, especially during these COVID-19 restrictions. Randy and I were able to enjoy the day's activities, all the while maintaining social distancing requirements.

On this trip, we found many other opportunities for future Open Road 4Two adventures, so stay tuned!

Adventures come in all shapes and sizes. They can be a long journey, an overnight escape, or even just a day trip. We encourage you to get out there and hit the Open Road because Adventure Awaits!

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