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Sunrise to Salvation Mountain

Sunrise at Fonts Point in Anza Borrego

Embarking on the #52experienceschallenge by Legend Life After 40, we hit the road to catch a sunrise at Font's Point in Anza Borrego Desert State Park (Anza Borrego) and to visit Salvation Mountain.

We normally don't wake up early enough on our adventures to catch the first rays of a new day; however, to experience more is to live more! We set our alarm and started off on this adventure at 4:00 AM. Sunrise in Anza Borrego was predicted for 6:30 AM, so we gassed up Katsu (our 4-Runner) and headed out on the Open Road. The trail to Font's Point is 4wd accessible only. We do not recommend 2wd vehicles as it is very easy to get stuck in the soft sand. However, don't let that deter you from seeing this amazing viewpoint. You can park near the turnoff of S22 -Palms Canyon Hwy. and hike in, which will take approximately an hour or so.

Once on trail it is roughly 4 miles with some washboard roads and soft sand. When driving in sand it is important to keep your momentum up and maintain a nice steady speed. We made it to the parking area and could see an ombre of orange, yellow, and pink colors on the horizon starting to warm the sky. The viewpoint area has numerous places to take in the view, just be sure to be mindful of where you step as the rock near the cliffs edge can be soft.

The Borrego Badlands display millions of years of geologic and paleontologic history. Its hard to imagine that it was once an abundant basin of the Gulf of California, a meeting point of the Colorado River and the sea.

There is nothing like sitting on top of a cliff with your favorite adventure partner, a warm cup of coffee, and welcoming a brand new day! It is a sight that must be experienced in-person. It is a very popular destination for sunset enthusiasts as well. This was an experience/adventure that we highly recommend.

Sunrise Coffee

Sunrise Casting its Glow on the Badlands

After watching the sunrise fill the Badlands with it warm orange glow, we pressed onward down S22 to make our way towards the Salton Sea and on to Salvation Mountain.

Salvation Mountain is a hillside visionary environment created by local resident Leonard Knight (1931-2014) in the California desert. The artwork encompasses numerous murals and areas painted with Christian sayings and bible verses.

National Geographic published an article after Knight's death and provided insight into the creator of Salvation Mountain. "Leonard worked beyond our concept of time, slowly and methodically without even wandering from his path. His sole purpose in this endeavor was to spread the message that 'God is Love'. He shared this with everyone who came to the mountain..."

It was a moving experience to visit Salvation Mountain and see the beauty that Knight poured into his passion project. You could feel the energy and it even moved me to happy tears.

Following COVID restrictions lifting, Salvation Mountain is open and masks are required. Some areas are closed; however, the beauty and energy is a welcome experience for all!

To experience our adventure, please watch our YouTube video highlighting sunrise at Font's Point and Salvation Mountain.

Who we are: We are OpenRoad4Two, a husband-and-wife adventure team, dedicated to hitting the OPN RD. and exploring this beautiful land we live in. We encourage you to follow along with us on our journeys, YouTube, and Instagram. We are dedicated to supporting and assisting our fellow adventurers along the way. We love hearing from you, so please connect with us! Send us a question, a suggestion, a tip, or just a simple hello! Until then, we’ll see you on the OPEN ROAD!!


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