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Yellow Post What?

So we embarked on an adventure to check out yellow post camping or dispersed camping. We originally had no idea of the concept of either of these two methods of camping, as we have always utilized traditional campgrounds. Well, Yellow Post camps are remote forest camping locations. Forest authorities have designated certain spots as 'fire safe' for remote open camping and are identified by the presence of a yellow metal post. These sites offer isolated scenic locations, which are ideal for tent or car camping away from the crowds. Most of the locations involve driving a 4wd vehicle to reach them and require a forest adventure pass and a campfire permit (conditions permitting).

For dispersed camping, the term is used for camping anywhere in the National Forest outside of a designated campground. It also means no services, such as trash removal, and no facilities. Dispersed camping is also allowed on public lands for a period not to exceed 14 days within a 28 consecutive day period.

To make our adventure even more interesting, we were on the hunt for an elusive yellow post spot on a Saturday evening during Labor Day Weekend! Mind you, this is all during the COVID-19 pandemic, when outdoor recreation has become ever so popular. Nevertheless, we were both up for the challenge!

Once on trail, we were minutes from securing an ideal yellow post site. This particular site was tucked up on a hill, surrounded by boulders and had amazing forest views. However, a lucky camper arrived just before us and snagged this primo spot.

Journeying further down the dirt road, we came across a small trail that took us up to a clearing adjacent to a ridge. Within view we spotted a flat clearing with a picnic table and makeshift rock fire ring. Upon investigation, we determined it is a popular spot for camping and target shooting, as the area was riddled with shell casings. With the sun quickly setting we decided to make it our home for the night. It was our first time using our new Napier Backroadz Truck tent and we wanted to set it up before dark.

Beautiful Sunset View Through the Trees!

With camp set up it was time to eat. Randy whipped up some BBQ pulled chicken sandwiches. It was a quick and easy meal, which allowed us more time to enjoy the evening chatting underneath the stars. The temperature was a nice cool 75 degrees, compared to the 100+ degree weather in the valley below. Retiring for the night in the tent, we found ourselves quite cozy. The truck bed air mattress we purchased supported us both comfortably and we fell asleep to the sound of crickets chirping.

After a peaceful nights sleep we awoke to an amazing sunrise. There's just something about waking up to witness the beginning of a new day with a warm cup of coffee in hand.

Doesn't Get Much Better Than This!

We were the lucky winners of an Instagram giveaway sponsored by We're The Russos and Doma Coffee Roasting Company . This trip was the perfect occasion to try Doma's Deep Instant Craft Coffee for the first time. We both give it two thumbs up!

Doma Instant Craft Coffee

Once we broke down camp, we took the opportunity to clean up the site so that it was ready for the next camper. We kindly ask that if you go camping, please

take the time to pack out what you pack in. Unfortunately, this site had a lot of trash and debris left behind by previous occupants.

Open Road 4Two is hooked on dispersed camping and we can't wait for another trip to escape the busy workweek and camp underneath the stars! If you have never tried dispersed camping, we hope we have inspired you to give it a go. Check out our full adventure on our YouTube video. We hope to see you on the Open Road, Adventure Awaits!

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